Treat yourself to a spa weekend in Normandy with ALTOS Hotel & Spa near Mont Saint-Michel,
in Avranches, between Saint-Malo in Brittany, and Granville in Normandy (20 minutes)


The wellness area is directly located in the hotel, more friendly, warmer, more affordable than a spa. It features a professional infinity spa * and a traditional lava stone sauna. Discover also the great experience of a hydro-massage dry *, body care on a massage bed with high pressure jets, dry, without the constraints of undressing or manual contact of a masseuse, for relaxation complete, constant and intense.


Question : Is the SPA PRIVATIZED? ?

The spa (“Jacuzzi” and sauna) are common areas, and can therefore accommodate between 2 and 6 people simultaneously depending on attendance. 
The wellness area of ​​the hotel has indeed a real professional SPA with overflow, with sand filter , + control facilities by continuous catalytic analysis of chlorine and Ph, guaranteeing a dosage and hygiene of the irreproachable water, in a dedicated technical room, separate and soundproofed.
In comparison, the B & Bs, in particular, announcing a private spa, are only equipped with bubble baths or a simple skimmer spa , initially intended for domestic use, but without real compliance with the regulations to receive public.

For your comfort and health, we invite you to check this point before choosing your accommodation, by requiring the results of prefectural analyzes posted, or by checking the measuring table of the probes, which we put at your disposal.
The hydro-massage dry massage is private


Condition of free access according to the services included in the reservations, or in supplement:

  • 1 session for 2 people per night
  • From 15h to 22h (except Sunday from 17h to 21h), or from 9h to 11h the next day
  • WITHOUT AN APPOINTMENT : Reservation only on the spot upon arrival at the reception
SPA package (whirlpool “Jacuzzi” and sauna) One hour session
SAUNA package only Session 20 to 60 minutes (according to tolerance)
Dry hydro massage 30 minutes session

(erratum: Some Smartbox Gift Boxes have unlimited access Read the description below)

Each offer or gift box presents the precise details of the services included in the price. You will find:

  • Either packages package at the best rate with spa included, only on our site.
  • Either single-room or room-and-breakfast offers, without the spa, on our site at the best rates, free of charge, or on the online booking sites of our partners with commission fees. In these offers, the spa can be added with extra charge when making reservations online on our website, or upon arrival, subject to availability.

A hydro-massage is a treatment on a waterbed, dressed. A feeling of relaxation appears immediately elongated, with a pleasant sensation of floating or being semi-weightless. Then, high pressure jets, in the water, move from the neck to the bottom of the legs with movements and a variable pressure according to the parts of the body.
This type of massage is dry, without the stresses of undressing, and without the apprehension on the skill, the availability, the state of fatigue, or simply the sometimes unexpected manipulation of a masseuse.
Discover this unique experience of total relaxation, for a moment of intense pleasure that surprises all our customers.
(Non-stop at the opening hours of the reception, reservation planning only on site).
The hotel does not offer traditional massages or massages by masseuses: See “institutes” on Avranches.

  • RECOMMENDED ALSO FOR: Mental Fatigue & Muscular – Depressive State – Stress – Overweight – Back & Cervical Pain – Muscle Cramps & Contractions – Tissue Weakness Sleep Disorders – Osteoarthritis – Cellulitis – Rheumatism – Blood Circulation – Heavy Legs …
  • ALSO CONTRIBUTES TO: Improve blood circulation – Boost metabolism – Activate the lymphatic system – Tighten connective tissue – Increase personal well-being – Improve intestinal transit – Eliminate fatigue – Solve back problems …